Online Herb Evaluation

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Dr. Browne will review your personal health information through a secure HIPPA compliant site and mail a synopsis along with your herbal prescription to you. Please include your address in comment box.

Cost $325 

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  • Chinese medical diagnostic synopsis
  • 1 months prescription of herbs with custom formulated AM and PM formulas (90%+ organic herbs in veggie caps)
  • Free shipping-USA only

Once you pay for your evaluation, you will receive a confirmation email from Dr.Browne's clinic-In Harmony Wellness Clinic. This may take 2-3 days. The confirmation email will have an appointment time (please disregard) and a welcome letter (please disregard as it relates to acupuncture treatments). It will also contain 3 forms that you will need to fill out and sign.

Chronic conditions may require many months of herbal therapy. It may take two weeks to receive custom formulas, so subscribe two weeks before you run out of your first bottles. It is up to you to cancel your subscription. Re-fills cost $135 for each month's worth of herbs.  You will need to set up a subscription to pay for your herbs monthly which you can cancel at any time before we have made them for you for the month: 

Custom formulas are meant to promote wellness and balance and are not for acute conditions. Find opioid withdrawal formulas here.

We use HIPPA compliant forms to gather your information, and you should not at any time email personal health information or follow-up questions about health issues to Dr. Browne due to federal regulations except as detailed below.

Refund Policy: Because these herbs are custom formulas, they cannot be returned. There will be no refund for this service once it has initiated as Dr. Browne has likely spent time on the evaluation from day 1. Thank you for your kind understanding on this matter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Would I fill out an online questionnaire and then receive a month's supply? Yes; you will be signed up as a patient at Dr. Browne's clinic In Harmony Wellness Clinic after paying for the evaluation.
2. I prefer Ageless Herbs little organic tablets rather than capsules; can I get my herbs in this form? Yes, but you must specify this request with your evaluation.
3. If I had questions or wanted to contact Dr. Browne afterwards, how would that work? We allow for one short email following the response with 3 questions within 2 weeks time of the synopsis is sent to you. This will probably not be necessary, as the synopsis and directions will be clear. You will need to install this chrome extension or a similar encryption service to communicate through email with Dr. Browne:
4. If I wanted to give Dr. Browne additional information about my health would I be allowed to email her or attach additional information to any forms I might fill out? The clinic form is extensive and has input boxes for details.
5. After I used up the herbs, would Dr. Browne prescribe them again or at what stage would I be re-evaluated? Usually, chronic conditions take 3-6 months to change. When your symptoms improve or change dramatically you would do a new evaluation. At that point, you would have to pay for a whole new evaluation.
6. How long does the initial process take? Once we receive your forms, allow Dr. Browne one week to review the forms and create the personalized synopsis and diagnosis. Then, we must prepare your custom formula which takes around 2-4 days. The synopsis and herbs will be shipped by priority mail which takes 2-7 days depending on where you live.


For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult with your personal health care professional before starting exercise, supplements, herbs, or any other health regimen.